You are insane.

rogue warrior insane.png

Rogue Legacy’s character select screen displays the character’s unique qualities, each one having a class, a trait and a spell that will change the game and the way you play slightly.

The character in the picture has the trait “Dementia” which is described as “You are insane.” Now, there’s a lot of talk about mental health in the world at the moment so some people may be offended by this but remember, this is a game and has done this to be silly.

What I found interesting about this was how it changed the game. You start seeing things like extra enemies that you can’t damage and they can’t damage you. The change is purely visual and is done to frighten and confuse players who will dive out of the way of these imaginary enemies, maybe even getting themselves killed in the process.

Ignoring the fact that dementia is being called insane, I think from the description I’ve just given that schizophrenia may be a more accurate name for the trait because (and I know I’m generalising) as far as the mental issues are well known schizophrenia is more about seeing things than dementia which I associate more with memory.

I just find this quote and the thought process it caused interesting.

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