Quick Game Reviews – God of War, The Sims 4, Detroit: Become Human

God of War – Good – This PS4 game is the story of an outcast and his child taking the mother’s ashes to the top of a mountain. The outcast being an extremely powerful god killer this is complicated. The story is interesting, the combat is a bit of a button basher with skills and upgrades to earn plus there are bosses that are probably the most fun fights in the game. Eventually there is a choice of weapons between axe and chained daggers which gives a bit of variation to the combat. There’re puzzles and dialogues with the boy that always seem to add something to the character’s bond and the boy even helps in fights which he gets better at over time. A brilliantly fun game that’s worth a play but I found the endgame Valkyrie bosses and side quests a bit boring so ended up not bothering with them.

The Sims 4 – average – Play god in the lives of a family that you create. Build their house, choose their jobs and interests. Watch their lives unfold and see how their mood changes. Then not much else happens. It’s a timewaster game, for passing time and seeing what happens, there’s nothing wrong with it but not much to shout about either. Honestly I preferred The Sims 3.

Detroit: Become Human – Great – A story about racism and slavery that changes based on the choices that you make. This is interactive TV with a bit of moving, some dialogue choices and quick time events that uses the controller buttons, the touchpad and the movement control. My choices led to an epic police hero story and a heart-breaking story about saving a child which was more powerful and engrossing than anything I’ve seen on TV in a long time. After a while even the main menu decided it was getting involved in the story and the character that talks in the menu starts asking questions. I got the game free on PSPlus but this is definitely worth buying for some dramatic entertainment.

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