Quick (VR) Game Reviews – Tumble VR, Cave Digger: Riches, The Playroom VR

Tumble VR – Good – A physics based, building block puzzle game. This game is simple to start with, using blocks to build high or pile them all up on a platform then using bombs to blow up a tower of blocks scoring points for the distance the blocks go, there’re even light and mirror puzzles. This is all very nice and calm until zone 4 where it all starts to get more complicated, using the same basic ideas but adding in obstacles such as wind or cannons to hinder your building, making the destruction towers more sturdy and the light puzzles become quite hard to work out. A nice, simple puzzle game and a challenging brainteaser all in one.

Cave Digger: Riches – Great – A simple mining game. Stand in a mine lift with a pickaxe and mine gems out of rocks. Collect enough gems and buy new tools to saw, drill or blow up rocks. Drill for oil. Collect gems for a magic gauntlet and search for ways to get all the different endings to the game. This sounds boring on paper but in the VR with move controllers frantically smashing away at the rocks it is incredibly immersive, fun and silly in its own way. It’s definitely worth experiencing.

The Playroom VR – Average – This is a collection of small games involving the VR bots that we see in Astro Bot Rescue Mission. These allow one player to be in the VR while other players on the same console use other controller’s and the TV’s social view to join in. I played the ones that allow for a single player to go solo which meant I played a reasonably good turret gunner game and an Astro Bot Rescue Mission demo, plus the grabber machine game which is funded by tokens unlocked in the mini games. What I experienced was nothing special, I’d rather just play Astro Bot Rescue Mission instead.

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