If you want to go fast…

go fast go alone

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – Unknown,  Credits, Gears of War 4

This quote is one that really interests me because most motivational quotes talk purely of how things can be accomplished as a group, how love and friendship conquer all.

This quote says you can go faster alone which is true, a single task assigned to a single person is easiest when they don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing, they can get on with it and know that anything that goes wrong is their own fault so they’ll have to deal with any problems. I like this attitude as I like to operate while relying on the one person I know I can trust, me. I’m more comfortable this way and I know my own capabilities, for speed over short distances alone is better.

However, the quote also says that to go far it’s better together. We all face struggles that are bigger than a single task or is a task so big that we cannot cope alone, it’s good to know the limit of this as it’s too easy to misjudge a task and foul up completely. By working together more can be achieved, more distance can be covered and there is strength in numbers.

In Gears of War the player controlled characters are the strongest but they rely heavily on the aid of the AI companions to help them through the levels. As individuals in real life we all have our niche that we are the best at but the support of others can allow us to reach our fullest potential. All we need to do is get better at deciding how far a task will stretch us, then we’ll become more efficient as a species. Go fast alone or far together.


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