Quick (VR) Game Reviews – RollerCoaster Arcade VR Bundle

I found a bundle containing three games on the Playstation store which was under £10 so I’m writing about all three together under the bundle name.

RollerCoaster Legends – Average – This wasn’t really a game, it was more of a video that you sit inside. It was a short rollercoaster ride themed on Greek myths that was nice for quick entertainment but wasn’t worth buying alone. The downhill bits did give a slight weightless feeling like you get on a rollercoaster.

RollerCoaster Legends 2: Thor’s Hammer – Average – Just like the first one, this was more of a video than a game. This one was a short rollercoaster ride themed on Norse mythology. This one had a comfort control option which darkened the edges of the screen and made its way towards being a game with a collect relics by pointing a laser beam mode which made it slightly more interactive. The weightless feeling did still happen occasionally.

Sneaky Bears – Good – A shooting gallery where you can’t move anything other than your guns. Stand there and shoot teddy bears in three game modes: survival, putting out fires and freezing bombs. All the game modes must be completed before a battle against the final boss, a classic shoot the weak point game where the other game modes all play their part. With the squeaks of the bears as they die, the villain that likes bad jokes and old movie quotes and an NPC friend that shares the villain’s charm this game is a lot of fun but is also a bit basic. This made the bundle worth buying with the two video rollercoasters being a nice bonus.


On the subject of the VR rollercoasters, I think that although not really playable games they do show the potential for a proper VR movie where you could be the hero’s sidekick or something so there’s nothing good or bad about them but they do show an interesting step forward for cinematic experiences.

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