Quick (VR) Game Reviews – Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Statik, Wipeout Omega Collection

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Bad – A horror themed walking simulator with a few puzzles and some combat. An interesting story of a monstrous family and a man who’s trying to save his wife and survive himself. The combat and gun aiming didn’t feel very good to me, the movement felt too slow and the scares just didn’t scare me. I just found this game to be incredibly dull. Boss battles could be a bit like puzzles with a timer, however they hide the timer as the thing that’s trying to kill you. Even though I’m bashing this game a bit I have to give it credit for getting the atmosphere and environment right, the whole house and the way things can be broken are really well done. The best thing about this game is that it can be played in or out of VR (I tried both) but I have never been a big fan of horror, it just doesn’t effect me and I get bored. I wouldn’t recommend this but a lot of other people would.

Statik – Good – With a box trapping your hands you must observe your environment to solve the puzzle of the box. The PS4s normal controller makes this game so good as the way you hold it matches the on-screen arms and each button corresponds to an action on the box. The game sometimes also tricks you with the environment so you waste time trying to solve a puzzle which doesn’t matter. It did so well at making me feel like both a genius and an idiot like few games can. I would definitely recommend this one as a must have for VR puzzle lovers, it’s just a shame there weren’t a few more levels.

Wipeout Omega Collection – Good – This is basically a cart racer where you drive a futuristic jet around a racetrack and use pickups and powerups to get the better of your opponents. Sitting in the cockpit of the ship in VR makes it feel a little bit more real; sit in a chair with your feet planted on the ground and enjoy the weightless feeling that you can get in a real plane. I’m not a fan of racing games so I never play this for long but when I’m bored or just want a fun way to spend a few minutes sticking this on is a good bit of fun.

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