I Watched: Love Actually

Well, I watched the movie Love Actually which I’d heard was a good film. As the movie came on it gave an opening credit and I was impressed by the names of the actors, a nice sized collection of some great British actors and I was looking forward to the movie.

Many characters means for many stories in this movie, from newlyweds to a sad old rocker, there’re many kinds of love displayed in the film and it tries to seem real and believable in each scenario. There is a lot of character building in the movie and all of the characters have a nice bit of charm to how they’ve been done, even a security guard and a shopkeeper have clear qualities which make them a feature rather than a filler for screen-time.

My problem with this movie is that it has very little plot. Nothing really happens and the stories just seem to resolve themselves. When something goes wrong for a character she has a little cry and everything goes back to normal, there’s no drama or fighting as she tries to be strong for her family which is admirable but not what I want from a movie. There were a few characters which gave a bit of fun to the film like the old rocker who wasn’t a serious person but he gets a fairly sweet ending and the story with the little boy who thinks he’s in love was worthy of a full movie of its own for how nice it was but things just calmly moved through this movie with no real twists or drama which made the thing as a whole a bit dull for me.

As for the title, I expected it to be said angrily as an act of defiance to insist that maybe playing around was a little more serious but like I say there was no drama so it was a just disappointing and the title never made sense.

It may be because the film had a cast for something brilliant and didn’t deliver, it could be that there was too much focus on character building, it could be that I’m not emotional enough or don’t have enough empathy to enjoy this film properly but I’m not a fan. All in all I think I just didn’t get it.

This is something different that I thought I’d try, partly as a casual review, partly seeking input on why I should have enjoyed it. As always comments help so feel free to leave one.

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