Not Really Christmas

This year it doesn’t feel like Christmas. The shops are selling Christmas stuff (which they’ve done since October), the radio is playing Christmas music and we’re getting closer to the middle of December. Christmas spirit should be filling the air and everyone should have a heightened sense of joy like they usually do around this time of year.

It can be seen all over; houses aren’t lit up like they usually are as you walk down the street, no-one seems very jolly anywhere and it took until the seventh for my Christmas loving mum to put up a tree. I’ve bought presents and I’ve made an effort as much as I can but it feels like I’m just going through the motions this year.

Christmas this year will be just another day, it will only be unusual because it’s a day off work and I’ll be visiting my sister for dinner. Everything just feels a bit dull, as if there’s nothing to get really excited about anymore.

Christmas morning should be different but nothing will really change until then. There’s still work, there’s still the daily issue of trying to find a way to spend time and there’s a general election around the corner. I know that on the day, when I am actually focused on something festive I’ll enjoy the day properly but I’m not feeling it much and from what I’ve seen so far not many other people are either.

One thought on “Not Really Christmas

  1. The commercialization of Christmas has taken it from something sacred to something that has become just another commodity. But you can fight back. Even if you’ve already purchased gifts try making something by hand. Pour as much of the love you have for that person as you can into it and forget about expectations. Even if it’s something like Christmas cookies ( I think that you call think biscuits). It’s the act of giving from the heart that helps bring the joy back.

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