I’m Not Voting

Recently I wrote a South Park inspired post about voting inspired by their Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich. The point being that if you don’t vote then you can’t complain when you don’t get what you want.

The UK voting system isn’t as simple as one option or the other. Our voting system is that we vote for a local leader and then the local leader’s party gets a seat and the party leader with the most seats wins.

This election has not been fought properly, it has been fought on lies and attacks on personality and background. There are two known facts in this election: the Conservatives want to leave the EU and the Lib Dems want to remain in it.

I would like to leave. I have no idea of what the politicians are promising other than this. The Labour party are promising everything they can think of from free, amazing wifi to fixing homelessness while creating a perfect equality that isn’t possible, the Conservatives are doing what everyone expects and are saying they’ll end the austerity which has helped the economy but not the people and I honestly don’t know what the Lib Dems are promising because their remain attitude has made me disregard them as a choice.

The thing I want is to vote Conservative but the Conservatives have never won the seat in my area so I would be handing a vote to Labour who always seem to win it. So what about voting for the next one to be in power? That’s the Lib Dems who want the opposite of what I do. So, should I deny my own belief to try stopping Labour getting a seat? No.

Then of course there’s the interference from the media and social media where lies and accusations, false promises and imaginary facts are being thrown around like bullets in a warzone. I don’t know what to believe any more but I’ve assessed things to the best of my ability and this time it doesn’t look like there is an option where I could get what I want or have a leader that I can have full trust in.

I wasn’t old enough to vote in the Brexit Referendum so I couldn’t vote leave. This election was brought on by the Brexit vote and partly because I don’t know how to get a good option and partly because I didn’t get to vote on Brexit I think I’ll sit this one out.

One thought on “I’m Not Voting

  1. In the USA we’re allowed to write in the name of someone who we wish to support but we don’t get a “No confidence” option. So in cases where I can’t support any of the official candidates I write my own name in the blank space. It’s a protest vote. I don’t really think it will catch on but if it did it would sen d a message to the party leaders that they’d better tighten up.


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