2018 New Year’s Resolution

We all know what a New Year’s Resolution is (if you don’t, it’s a special promise to ourselves as we enter a new year. This could be for a change or improvement of some kind). Early December 2018 I decided that between Christmas that year and Christmas 2019 I would try at least fifty-two new things or things that I’ve previously claimed to dislike.

Below is the list of things I’ve tried:

Thai food, Herb rice, UNO, Cabbage, Rice crispy multi grain shapes, Watched A bridge too far, Cornflakes, Samosa, Wham sweet, Fruit salad sweet , Shortbread, Rice crispies, Watched Scream, Broccoli chilli cheese quiche, Cook pork belly, pork belly, Cook tomato coke chicken, tomato coke chicken, Try make fudge, Madras, Made chicken nuggets, Tried to make roasties, Hot chocolate, Cook salmon, salmon,Walk to town, Sweet onion relish, Made brownies, Made churros, churros, Made meatballs, Cooked steak, Green chillis on pizza, Red chillis on pizza, Char Sui pork on pizza, Lettuce, Yellow pepper, Watercolour, Pastels, Drawing, Breaded Onion rings, Sriracha chilli sauce, Sainsbury’s steak and potatoes pie, House sitting, Looking after cat, Acrylic paints, Painting on canvas, Sweet corn, Garlic and herb Kiev, Battered onion rings, Ham and pineapple pizza, PSVR, Vegetable samosas, Chinese ready meal, Garlic dough balls, Vegetable spring roll, McDonald’s burger, McDonald’s Chicken, Made chilli from scratch, Coffee in chilli, English mustard, Edited a video, Made proper gravy, Prawn in Shanghai sauce, Made sopaipillas, sopaipillas, Marinade chicken, Fry fresh fish, bubble and squeak, Make crab cake, crab cake, Work weekend, Work bank holiday, Bake muffins, Rocket, Night out, Burger pizza, Chocolate croissant, Strawberries, Strawberry and grapes smoothie, Milky Way smoothie, Subway meatball marinara, Banana, Hog roast sausage roll, Subway steak and cheese, Subway chicken and bacon, Jacket potato, Piri piri Chicken pie, Bolognese, Fry a burger, BBQ sauce, Kipper, Made fresh burgers, Made a curry, Courgette, Aubergine, Parsnip, Beetroot, Rare steak.

That list has somewhere near one hundred things on it. It isn’t well written and if I’ve missed out verbs it’s because I did what you’d expect tried to mean.

It was all about trying to expand my horizons and find a new way of looking at things and I still don’t like almost all of what I didn’t like before so that part was pointless but I did discover that I like the Scream movies, I found a good chilli recipe and of all the fast food places I now prefer Subway.

So from around a hundred things I’ve liked a few so I sort of did what I intended but I haven’t really gained any desire to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe I’ll find something better for 2020.

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