Quick game reviews – Toy Story 3: The Video Game, Titanfall 2, Tales of Zestiria

Toy Story 3: The Video Game – Good – This third person film adaptation has you playing as Buzz, Woody and Jessie in a surprisingly fun and varied adventure. Each level has a theme such as space or the old west with some of the best ones being based on a child’s imagination and there are plenty of game mechanics to go with them from shooting to rail grinding to on forced movement sections which have dynamic action. A game like this has to have some puzzle elements and platforming, some of which stumped me a bit but were fairly enjoyable. A hub world allows for toy collecting and bonus missions which are fun and this is one of the better Disney games I’ve played. Although its not great as I think my younger self would have given up on it and with it being a kids game that isn’t ideal.

Titanfall 2 – Great – I’ve only played the campaign of this one so can’t comment on the online features. This game has well flowing combat and decent wall-running features which generally feel smooth and thrilling when it goes right. The Titan is a giant controllable robot often referred to as BT and is the focus of the game, helping the player survive a journey to find allies while fighting off robot riding mercenaries. The AI is good, the story is quite emotional and this is just really enjoyable. The only disappointments are a glitch where reactions to melee aren’t always instant and that the main villain as far as the player is concerned doesn’t get the expected end that I thought he should. Definitely worth playing.

Tales of Zestiria – Good – A JRPG about elemental spirit people living among people, a Shepherd(hero) who could control them and an evil force known as malevolence, which is weirdly brilliant. Characters which go through deep development as the story goes on combine with small arena based battles against malevolent monsters to make a team that the player really wants to win. This game even draws from Norse, Greek and Arthurian legends to build its world and it works really well. For me this game let itself down at what I think was the last boss, It introduces a new mechanic which requires damage per second to be high where the rest of the game encourages balancing damage and survival, I didn’t do level grinding through the game so the idea of doing it for one boss that should have been an epic climax was a let down. I would highly recommend the game though, my only advice is to remember to do some level grinding.

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