I am the Dragonborn, a Vault Hunter and the Legate De Sardet. I am The Ghost Of Sparta, a Master Assassin and a Soldier in a glorified World War. I am a Gangster, a Detective and a Warrior, a Wizard, a Thief or even something else.

Through videogames I am whatever I want to be in my free time. I have power beyond my wildest dreams and a personality that changes based on the world that I place myself in. I am the centre of everything and don’t have to worry about my confidence levels in being that. I can really feel free when I’m not me. These other personalities in other worlds are my happy place.

Through stress, pain or worry people tell themselves to go to their happy place. Some people travel, some read, others write or cook or paint but there’s always something. There’s always something that isn’t a part of a standard life routine where people can truly relax and be happy that isn’t reliant on other people.

Everybody is different in their pursuits but the pursuit of happiness is one that plagues us all. Although people would argue that something like going to a restaurant is just a thing to do I believe that that is unusual and would be a form of escapism, running from the tedium of cooking and washing up to find a happier version.

Even if you aren’t a great questing hero or murderous villain like me you should always understand how you’re escapism works so you can run away every day and not put off the things you enjoy for more serious activities. Live a little. Find a different version of life.

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