A Valentines Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Nothing compares,

To how I feel about you.

The light in your eyes,

Shines like the sun,

And my heart knows,

Things have just begun.

I only need one look,

At the smile on your face,

Then I feel happy,

And would do any place,

The internal battle,

With struggling desires,

You’re like an arsonist,

Starting my fire.

A brand new flame,

Of goodness and hope,

If I didn’t know you,

I don’t think I could cope.

So whatever lustings,

Or playful bits of flirt,

When I’m with you,

I don’t feel the hurt.

So come with me now,

Just sit with me,

All I need is your presence,

To fill me with glee.

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