Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts – Average

Honest hearts is a DLC that sticks to the base game of Fallout New Vegas very closely, it doesn’t really introduce anything new for the average player and just adds a little more story about one of the characters.

You leave your companions and most of your gear in the Mojave as you prepare to travel with a trading caravan who’re all immediately killed once you reach Zion, the DLC location which is a mostly brown, canyon filled location with monsters from the base game and one new enemy, the Yao Guai from Fallout 3.

The story is basically a tribal war between two or three factions that aren’t built up much and the only reason for the player to care about them other than basic empathy is that Joshua Graham, the Burned Man leads some of them and weirdest of all, he’s a Boney M fan. There’s also a bit of religion in the tribes.

burned boney m

In actual fact, the Legion from the base game have told one tribe that they can join their ranks if they kill the other. This keeps with the Legion way of acquiring tribes and stripping them of their identity and fits into the lore nicely. Sadly though the plot has two options, kill everyone in the “bad” faction or leave while killing everyone in the “bad” faction. It isn’t as in depth or interesting as it should be for what they had to work with and overall I was a little disappointed.

Other than the main story of the DLC, there are maybe two big missions and one of them has a boss in it. A few new perks are added to the levelling system and a little is added to the crafting in the game but nothing major.

While there is nothing wrong with this DLC I’d say that if you were for some reason buying all but one then this is the one that can be left out.

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