Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues – Good

If you want crazy, weird, robot scientists to take out your brain, heart and spine just to have them stolen by another robot scientist who has an army of robot scorpions then this is the DLC for you.

This is a silly little story which makes sense as much as anything else in the Fallout universe. The quests aren’t that interesting because it’s mostly just go here and collect this but there is a stealth mission and a combat course which give some nice rewards.

The best things about this DLC are the characters, the perks and the locations.

angry toasterI mean who doesn’t want a furious toaster to tell you how it’s going to burn the world? And the scientists who brought you there are actually a bit dim which leads to some interesting lines of dialogue. This DLC should be done at a later level so you have all the skill points needed to access everything in conversation as it really is one of the best bits.

As for the perks, I’m not sure which ones are added to the level up system but just by playing through the DLC you can stop taking poison damage, not get your head crippled and not get your torso crippled (crippled body parts are a thing in Fallout). Alongside the easy three that I’ve just stated, you can become more damaging against a few creatures and the fact that poison doesn’t hurt you and you deal more damage trivialises what I found to be the hardest enemy in the base game. This makes it a good idea to play this DLC at a low level.

The locations, greyer and duller looking than the base game they don’t look up to much but they do contain more information on characters such as Father Elijah, Mr House and Ulysses who’re all important to the overarching narratives. You also have to shoot down barrier walls to access some areas which means if you throw away a certain energy weapon you’ll miss quite a few bits of loot.

Having laser shooting robot scorpions and sonic barking cyborg dogs to contend with adds a few new enemies and it keeps some of the known ones like Securitrons.

Old world blues has a lot of charm and it connects well with three of the other downloads so if you’re after extra Fallout New Vegas content then I do recommend this.

The term Old world blues has a meaning and I found it on the Fallout Gamepedia. Click here to go there.

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