It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this but I’m still curious about vegetables, they are strange and often bitter plants grown in a variety of ways. So the cauliflower is my latest subject of experimentation. Like with the vegetables before this, I’ve done all that I can think of with them and am writing about the results.

Raw – I considered trying the cauliflower raw but due to the rubbery texture and the fact that a piece bounced when I dropped it I decided not to.

Steamed – Obviously my thoughts turned to what I already knew, from meals that my parents had cooked I’ve seen this one hundreds of times. In a steamer pan over boiling water for 20 minutes or so. This method of cooking makes the vegetable softer and easier to break and the cauliflower has a distinctive, slightly bitter taste that isn’t bad but I wouldn’t enjoy in vast quantities.

Cheese sauce – This is another one that my parents have given me a few times. Baking the cauliflower in the oven in a cheese sauce. This tastes a lot nicer than plain cauliflower but the inherent bitterness still comes through a little. I personally like to combine cauliflower cheese with some gravy soaked beef to create a great flavour combination.

Bread – A search of the internet gave me this idea. A few things to clarify are that canola oil is known here as rapeseed oil and plain flour can be used in place of almond flour. This tasted alright, even better when I melted some cheese onto it and it still had a bit of bitterness in it. This was probably my favourite way of eating cauliflower after cheese, gravy and beef. I do recommend a food processor for grating and a food mixer for the eggs as I did both the grating and mixing by hand which left me aching. It was more like a cake than bread.

I’ve also heard you can do rice with it but because I’ll still have to manually grate it I just can’t be bothered with the effort when normal rice is so easy anyway.

To conclude, Cauliflower isn’t the worst vegetable I’ve had, it’s bearable and not too bad in smallish quantities. As something healthy with a hot meal it’s a good idea but a lot of things are just too much effort for the quality of the result to feel worth it, especially if you don’t have a food processor.

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