I May Be Obsessive

Recently I have come to realise that I may be obsessive. It may also be the case that I’m just passionate. Take this blog as an example, I forget about it for months and then post tons of stuff within a month or so, it’s all or nothing with me.

Lets take a videogame like Borderlands 2, my family will attest to the fact that while I was playing that I wouldn’t shut up about it. This game became all I cared about for a long, long time. I must have bought about five versions of it and have a longer play time recorded on my Xbox than almost any other game. I went all in and only stopped when I burned out and my love for the game crashed before the sequel came out.

With Yugioh I collect the cards and I desire to play with them. It annoys me that I don’t have all the cards so my attempt to organise them alphabetically is futile, I really want to look at them all in their places in separate folders in my binder. I think I’ve spent more money on cards recently than I have on videogames in a long time and usually I’d hesitate to send more than ten pounds on anything. This feels strange and it’s a path I want to go down because it’s on my brain.

Now, in buying Yugioh cards I have used Amazon and I seem to shut down when anticipating something. A new game comes out that I want, about a week before it comes out I’ll get bored of everything. Post on the way, I’m bored of everything. I’m fairly certain that having such a focus on a future event that the present no longer matters to you is something of an obsession.

Maybe I’m just passionate about things or maybe I’m an obsessive that will one day drive himself mad. Maybe I need to fixate on things because I have an overactive brain and a focus calms me down. It’s very possible that I may be obsessive.

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