I Tried MTG Again

As the title suggests, I tried Magic The Gathering again. This time I was playing with an enthusiastic, patient and experienced player.

In doing this I’ve discovered that Magic is actually quite similar to Yugioh. A lot of similar effects appear in both games so I had some ideas of possible combos to play. My opponent made one of my creatures pointless by permanently tapping it so I used a card that sacrificed my creature and destroyed one of his, then summoned another of my own.

We were playing during our break time at work so it didn’t last long enough for a full game. However I did have fun, even if I was slightly bewildered by the game.

The game did make me realise what I don’t like about MTG and that’s Mana. I used a play based on what I knew from Yugioh, it made the game simpler to use what another game has taught me but then there’s a resource management game on top. In my game against my dad I had too much Mana, in my game at work my opponent didn’t have enough. It’s an extra level to the game but playing the cards is the fun bit to me. I can even see how MTGs tapping, blocking and direct attacks makes an interesting game but Mana or Lands get in the way of playing the fun bit.

It did make a difference playing with his properly constructed decks that utilised his knowledge of the game. I find that in trading card games knowing your cards and building your deck to then use it – even when you lose – is one of the best bits for pure satisfaction.

I understand that long term fans find the Mana to be just as interesting as the effects and I’m willing to play again if my friend wants to but overall it isn’t really for me and I probably won’t invest much more into it moneywise than I already have.

5 thoughts on “I Tried MTG Again

  1. Interesting perspective. I often find myself introdcing Magic to others with other card game experience. It is interesting that mana was the hang up. Generally, the mana “screw” or “flood” is an outlier, but still possible.

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    1. I come from a Yugioh background when it comes to trading cards. That game looks at stats and timing for use of cards. It just seemed odd and unnecessary to have extra cards as a limitation for what you could do. I like the combos and different play styles but find the resource management boring, even ignoring too much or too little.


      1. I actually enjoy the Mana development. I feel it gives the game ebb and flow, and helps to develop a story as you go. This way the games are almost like a story themselves that unfolds as you play.

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      2. That’s basically how my friend from work describes it, I probably need more practice but with things how they are these days I can’t meet up with him much and I can’t go to any games centres to play either. I will have another go, even if it’s just to say I haven’t wasted money. I’m certain I’ll see the allure of Mana eventually.


      3. I do have an article detailing how to go about playing remotely with your friends using actual paper cards. It’s on my blog. It might be worth a read for you if you’re interested in playing Magic or other card games with your buddies. It’s super easy, and has helped keep me more upbeat during these tough times.

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