Beat Down Decks

This is a match against Yusei on the Legacy Of The Duelist game on Xbox.

I have the Legacy Of The Duelist game on Xbox and really enjoyed playing with the decks of both the classic and GX series. I know the classic rules and find it a struggle to face the newer card types.

Yusei is one of the harder Synchro duelist in the 5Ds series and I hit a bit of a roadblock in the game trying to get past his Stardust Dragon strategy, then obviously getting overwhelmed by other Synchro Monsters didn’t help. After losing many, many times even though I used the story deck and a deck I designed specifically to beat Synchros I went back to the first series and saw potential in Rex Raptor’s ideas.

Dinosaur cards rely mostly on having decent damage and being able to swarm the opponent. I found some Equip Spell cards and a few good defensive Trap cards and Yusei didn’t stand a chance.

Using a beat down deck allowed me to go full force and get my Monsters to a point where few Monsters would stand a chance. You just pile up everything and pummel your opponent into submission. The Spell Mage Power adds attack points to a card for each Spell or Trap on your side of the field which counts both Pendulum Monsters and Spells.

I just love it when Effect Monsters are too much so the last desperate action is brute force. The easiest way to beat Stardust Dragon is just to overpower it. It’s great when a beat down deck just works, building you up until you can totally destroy an opponent. Even new strategies can struggle against a good old beat down.

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