Trigurthis is Rigurt. Rigurt The Brash.

He is a Nord Ambassador who travels between the provinces of Tamriel trying to improve relations between the Nords and other races.

Rigurt may be my favourite character in The Elder Scrolls Online. While every other character seems to be incredibly serious because the world’s ending or dragons are coming or the farm has been attacked, Rigurt is just friendly and trusting. Rigurt tries his best to arrange things for people but something always goes wrong and he takes his job seriously but he isn’t a serious character. Even the Mad god Sheogorath comes across as more serious than Rigurt and I was proud to stand by him playing a drum when his band didn’t turn up, I was delighted to wear poor Dunmer garb and greet the nobility of the Ebonheart Pact, having them consider us jesters and most of all I’m glad that Rigurt is in the game because this character really adds some character to the game. I don’t know how many more missions he has in the game but I’d love to encounter him a few more times.

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