Strange Dreams

“I had a dream a few nights ago. The setting of the dream was like a canteen from a school except it went on infinitely, hundreds of tables with benches attached as far as the eye can see. In this dream a woman I know from work was sitting opposite me, trying to explain something although it never became clear what the subject was. She was also mostly voiceless. She pulled random bits of stationary from seemingly nowhere (like a popper wallet stuffed with pencils) and was trying to use them to demonstrate what she was talking about with some pointing and hand gestures. This woman even apologised to someone else that I haven’t seen in a while for taking their stuff – this time it was audible speech – using their name after saying “keep your hair on”. Then my alarm went off, waking me up.”

“I always find dreams to be interesting things, as the maelstrom of thought flowing through the brain rarely gives an image so clear. Why has the brain thrown this particular one at me? And why now? I wonder what the meaning is and often I can only remember my dreams after I haven’t slept well for a few nights.”

“Then there’s that nightmare with the red triangle in the distance. That one makes even less sense. It’s as if I’m in a high up spot, looking out of a window at a street leading away with lots of houses. It’s night-time in this dream so it’s pretty dark and there’re streetlights just lighting little areas. All of a sudden a red triangle appears over a house in the distance, the triangle is bright and clear, even a little shiny. It’s such a strange experience but it terrifies me. It just moves up and down over one of the houses. Then I wake up.”

“Right man, a red triangle is just so scary, I mean who needs vampires and demons when you’ve got a red triangle? Like I said, it’s interesting to see what your brain is throwing at you.”

“You think it’s just interesting? You don’t know how it feels to see these things!”

“Yep, I don’t but it’s all inside your head. It really doesn’t matter. Your brain’s just working some stuff out.”

“It all seems so real. Maybe I should see one of those analysts or something. Maybe it won’t stop until I change my life.”

“Don’t let it bug you so much. I mean I’ve had dreams about getting milk from the shop and when I opened the fridge in the morning there was no milk. I was a little disappointed but my brain was telling me I needed milk. Maybe you need a thing full of pencils or you think those green triangle chocolates will turn evil and go red. Spooky right. Picture it like internet cookies. You browse some stuff normally and the ads, your dreams show you something connected.”

“So what, I should just ignore them?”

“That’s it dude. These things usually sort themselves out.”

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