Subtle Manipulation

“The closed minded claim to be open. They claim that this destruction is in aid of Black Lives Matter. To be open you must accept everything, not just your desired version of the world. We need our history because without it we are nothing, we have no identity. The statues of our ancestors are what make us, their achievements earned them pride of place in our public places. These people should be remembered for both the good and the bad. Statues in the U.K. are in danger because of supposedly tolerant people. I see the end of the world, not in the fires of the atomic bombs as I always expected but instead at the hands of the tolerant. The tolerant fight against a government that is good at bowing down, they claim to desire equality but what they’ll find is a world of nothingness where there’s no black or white or yellow, brown or rainbow but instead they’ll find grey, the dullness of a world with no identity.”

“So we should stop the protests using all the force we have. The-“

Not letting him finish, the Civil Servant countered “No Minister, we shouldn’t stop them. We let them have their violence and riots. We don’t send heavy forces of police to subdue them, we only send a handful.”

“But the police won’t stand a chance!” Cried the Minister, both baffled and enraged.

“Yes, and a broken police force is one that will draw pity in a picture that’s spread around social media. This pity will gain some support for the white supremacists when they inevitably take a stand. We then send the police against these great white brutes to cause a fight. The leftist media will eat it right up and spit out stories of how the supremacists are evil and the police are our guardian heroes. There will be a bit more complaining from the social justice people and the keyboard warriors will never stop but with gay month due to rise the focus will shift and it will hopefully all cool off.” Came the well considered reply.

“So some of our people suffer, the supremacists look bad and the police come out on top. That’s very devious of you.”

“Some would say devious, I prefer to call it the subtle act of manipulation.”

“Manipulate the people that trust us to do what’s right? Have you gone mad?”

“Surely the art of manipulation is what politics is all about. That, and keeping ourselves on top.” The Servant chuckled.

Just to make clear, this post is just me being creative. I have no connection to anyone in the political system and generally support the middle-right wing and I would have written something like this no matter what party was in power. I do support equality but not violence.

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