Ex Novo

Ex Novo is a dice, paper and imagination game where each roll will shape the play space. This game is designed for one to four players.

You will need:

  • At least three dice
  • The game manual
  • A pen
  • Some paper
  • Scissors
  • A flat play space

In this game a blank sheet of paper is the game board. You work your way through the game manual, first setting up the basic features of the landscape, then going through the population and factions that hold power on your map. As you do things you draw on your paper to create the map and use other bits of paper to write down how the elements of the map got there.

Once basic setup is complete, you then establish what events take place in the history or your invented world. This is a large section of the game manual which holds results for each possible dice result combination.

This game becomes a fun world creation experience designed with prompts for both writing and map drawing. The rules aren’t overly advanced and you don’t have to be perfect at following everything exactly as it isn’t a competitive game.

It is from an American website and you have to buy the document which is the game manual and download it but playing solo I had a lot of fun and it got my mind going in a creative direction again.

My first play through allowed me to create the history of the Woodstone City.

If you want to quickly find the website where you can buy the game manual click here.

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