I Watched: Psychoville

A group of strange, clearly mentally damaged people start receiving letters stating that someone knows what they did.

Although the above paragraph makes Psychoville sound quite serious, the show itself really isn’t. With a cast of comic actors and the same creators as The League of Gentlemen this Thriller genre programme proves to be both dark and incredibly silly.

The whole story relates to a locket, one belonging to Nurse Kenchington who was the boss of the Ravenhill mental asylum. This locket’s importance is explained in the second series of the show but in series one it’s mostly just an excuse for the plot which feels like an excuse to have the characters exist in a show.

The characters were the most important bit in Psychoville, with each of them having their own issues and backstories to deal with it was like having lots of little shows that were all tied together by the main plot. One of the most likeable sets of characters in this series were the mother and son serial killers who had a special bond and liked to dance together. There was the angry, one handed clown who was consumed with bitterness. And there were quite a few more.

I don’t want to write too much just because I’m trying to avoid spoilers but I do highly recommend watching this show at least once. It seems like it might have had a low budget based on how it looks but the writing is seriously good.

If, like me you get your hands on a version of the Halloween special as well as the main discs then the special comes after series one and before series two so it makes sense.

I bought my copy on Amazon.

If you do enjoy Psychoville I recommend watching Inside No.9 too.

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