Magic ManaStrike – Good

Magic ManaStrike is not a mobile version of the MTG card game. Instead ManaStrike uses the creatures and card effects to be a real time battle simulator.

This game is not turn based but it does have a mana limitation where a pool of mana that gradually restores itself is used to summon creatures. The creatures will fight alongside a plainswalker and together they’ll attack the enemy.

The goal is to destroy three static structures on the opponent’s side of the battle arena so you shove out as many units as possible and see if they can survive long enough to destroy stuff.

There’s a little deck building and new “cards” can be acquired to use in battles through missions and in game currency but the in game stuff can be acquired with real money (it did take me a bit of effort to find the micro transactions so that’s good.

There are also challenges to complete which makes the game a little more interesting and it comes with a few rewards. Plus daily login rewards help to make the game more appealing and rewarding.

It’s a shame that this doesn’t properly stick to the real MTG card game rules and ideas but it’s decent enough as a game and could be fun to play although I’m fairly certain it’s pvp only after the tutorial. It is fast paced and reasonably fun.

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