Desire Foods

Everyone has that one thing that they can’t resist. Usually a food, often something sweet that when a box, bar, bag or plate of it is left nearby you just pick at constantly until it’s all gone. For me that thing is Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers, I can make a Dairy Milk bar or an equivalent bar of something else like Galaxy will last a week or so and a different brand of chocolate fingers has little to no effect on me. I don’t understand it but that’s how it is.

Now, my desire food as I’m calling it is not healthy but I don’t get them often, usually only at birthdays or Christmas which is probably good. Even the healthiest diet does need a desire food full of fat or sugar to keep it as a diet and not a punishment. Food is a thing to be enjoyed, it’s meant to be a craving and a choice rather than a chore.

The point of this post is to get it out that nobody should limit themselves on what they eat no matter what goals they have set, limit how much by all means but overall, make sure you enjoy what you eat and when normal food isn’t good enough give in to desire foods and learn to love food again. I recently had my chocolate fingers again and the contents of the box disappeared quickly but I’ve felt a lot happier over the last few days too. Treat yourself. Be happy.

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