The Sorcerer’s Maze

The Sorcerer’s Maze by Blair Polly and D M Potter

The Sorcerer’s Maze is a choose your own adventure book. In this book you don’t actually choose your own adventure, instead you answer questions, solves riddles and maths problems to progress towards one specific, unavoidable ending.

The adventure itself is a child friendly story where a boy is met, the two of you travel together for a while, you separate and meet up again with a plot twist at the end of the story.

When I bought the book I was hoping for something longer, darker and a bit more interesting. I didn’t realise I was buying a children’s book. However it did have trivia inside which I knew and couldn’t take anything from it but others may enjoy as a learning experience.

So, being fairly knowledgable and having a good ability to read this book took around half an hour to complete the story but I could always look through and see if there’s anything I don’t know in it.

I think that if you’re trying to get a book with more agency than normal then this isn’t the answer as it is a very railroaded story. A child may enjoy the book but there are better stories and better fact books out there. It does make you repeat pages if you get a wrong answer so could be good for teaching a child to read. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this book.

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