Nuclear War

Soon there will be atomic devastation,
It will wipe out every person, every nation,
But it will come,
For there are some,
Who like the idea,
And would not shed a tear,
For those caught in the blast,
The world as we know it will not last.

There are those that now live in fear,
And wish the world was full of cheer,
Too small,
It will take a fall,
The world is what I mean,
Wars make it dirty, not clean,
It must just be too small for us,
To live in peace without all the fuss.

Maybe it’s possible that the atom’s power,
Will spawn a mushroom shaped deadly flower,
That saves,
And really paves,
The way to a better life,
A future where man loves wife,
And on the internet, they can post,
Pictures of themselves and those they love most.

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