Being Sunshine


Hello Friends! Did you know that there’s sunshine inside you?

Because you smiled my day got better.
Because you spoke I was encouraged.
Because you acted my life improved.
Because you cared I learned my value.
It’s the light inside you that warms the world around you.

The value of good will should never be discounted in any life. When you read the short poem above what did you picture in your mind? I’m guessing that most people had the image of a young couple. Perhaps on a special day. Or was it an older couple in their twilight years when every minute counts and the need to express love and adoration for each other while they’re still together is prominent. But what if these words were spoken to a pastor who’d spent his life serving a congregation. Let’s add one more perspective. How about we say these words to a neighbour who was always there when the chips were down? What if we become that neighbour. You see, there are many types of love. But the actions are simple. It’s that opportunity to show that person that they’re accepted and that they belong that makes a difference in their life.

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