Leeds United Promoted

This was written on the request of a Leeds fan.

To this football club,

Fans go marching on together,

They want to see them win,

Supporting whatever the weather,

Those boys were damned,

15 points but they were still going up,

Champions of Europe,

Who didn’t win the cup,

Things got worse,

The years hadn’t been kind,

But they kept on playing,

Never left behind,

Radebe, Beckford, Ayling,

Changing heroes,

The Damned United,

All the fans woes,

Then 2020,

A Huddersfield win,

After a big break,

The fans did sing,

With Bielsa the bucket man,

The Championship was won,

On to the Premier,

Their work is still not done,

At one hundred years,

It was meant to be,

Do the salute,

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.

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