Saints Row: The Third – Good

Saints Row: The Third is a third person gangster game which dives into the outright ridiculous and isn’t afraid to be dirty that finally breaks free from Grand Theft Auto.

I played the Xbox 360 version of this game so it doesn’t completely count for the remastered version.

The Saints are back in a new city with a new threat and no Johnny Gat. Three gangs to take on, one normal, one tech obsessed and one an army of luchadores, they all formed an alliance and the Saints have to take them down with the police being an extra barrier to domination as they use increasing levels of violence.

Side activities that start off fun but become increasingly tedious include: insurance fraud, rescuing prostitutes, a combat arena, driving a tiger and more. It didn’t help that a lot of the activities we’re driving related and the NPCs drive like complete lunatics.

The main plot is fairly tame for the first bit but as it goes on it gets weirder, eventually letting you play as a toilet, help Burt Reynolds with a zombie apocalypse and use chainsaws in a fistfight against Mexican wrestlers.

This game is seriously glitchy, I fell through the map, randomly died and objectives spawned across the map, it was really annoying but when it worked it was incredibly fun.

Overall I would recommend the game but it does become irritating after a while and the glitches can be off putting. It’s good but could be great, the remaster might be better.

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