The Stanley Parable – Great

Recently I have made a decision about my gaming future and that is that I’ll turn to PC games once I’m prepared to move on to the next generation and buy a proper gaming PC. To get used to the idea I needed to adjust to a new system of buying and controlling games, coronavirus has made me more comfortable with digital purchasing and to learn the basic controls with keyboard I bought The Stanley Parable.

This game is best reviewed by just writing play it.

There’re too many spoilers to write much more than I’ve written in this post so I’ve tried to keep it brief.

The game is a first person choice based exploration of an office based on the idea of freedom of thought and action. A narrator who is witty and observant, who gets annoyed and speaks plainly tries to guide Stanley (the player) through the game, I write tries because you can ignore him and go your own way. You can wander into parts of the office that the narrator doesn’t really want you to see, you can have fun with him and witness his story or make one of your own.

Eventhough this game is basically a walking simulator it is incredibly clever and silly. The achievements are even designed to be an extra bit of fun that the narrator will talk to you about. There is some brilliance in the simplicity of the control and an incredible amount of fun to be had with the narrator. This game is one of the funniest I’ve played in a long time, it isn’t long but each run through is just as interesting as the last as you try to find something different to do or see. It is great.

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