Consoles Are Better Than PC

I have used consoles for years, the first two that I played were the PS1 and the Mega Drive and I’ve always had a console as I was growing up. There has always been an argument about whether consoles or PCs are better, the truth is they both have high points and low points and this post is to list three reasons why consoles are better.

Firstly: Exclusives. Exclusive games are found on both console and PC but the lineup on the PS4 was so impressive it made me buy one eventhough I was a long term Xbox user. God of War, Spiderman and Bloodborne are just a few of the games that I wanted and a friend of mine who is a proper PC gamer even bought a PS4 for The Last Of US. Back when the Xbox 360 was king there was Halo, Gears Of War and Forza which was also Xbox exclusive for a long while. There are still plenty of games being made purely for the consoles. There’s also something satisfying about handling a physical box which is much rarer on PC than on consoles.

Secondly: The controllers. Now, if we disregard the fact that PCs can use console controllers and imagine two worlds where both kinds of device aren’t invented then the consoles have a small, compact device, packaged with the initial purchase of the machine. A console controller has a comfy shape for easy holding and buttons that are all close enough together to press them all from the standard holding position, even for someone like me with small hands. Motion control also took off with consoles properly which enabled PC makers to utilise the technologies, it may have existed longer ago but with the PS2s EyeToy and advent of the Wii the way was paved for modern VR and the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, the main reason consoles are better than PCs is accessibility. Simply that if you buy an Xbox One you buy games marked as Xbox One games on the case or in the digital store. As long as you buy a game for the console it is created for then you can play that game whereas with PC you need to understand the exact specifications of your computer based on all its parts and statistics before you’ll even know whether a game will work. My PC gaming is done on an everyday laptop meaning it can only play really simple or low grade games which is all I wanted it for but I haven’t learned the hierarchy of parts that I would need to know to understand which games I can play. The simplicity of purchasing games is the main reason consoles are better than PC because you know you’ve got roughly five to seven years before you have to upgrade and buy new games or even a new console with upgraded parts.

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