PC Is Better Than Consoles

I have used consoles for years, the first two that I played were the PS1 and the Mega Drive and I’ve always had a console as I was growing up. There has always been an argument about whether consoles or PCs are better, the truth is they both have high points and low points and this post is to list three reasons why PC is better.

Firstly: The online cost. This is an easy one to explain, from the time of the Xbox 360 and PS3 up to the current generation of consoles there has been a subscription fee required for online play. On PC online play is free unless there is a game specific subscription so that’s a chunk of money saved just to play the game a certain way.

Secondly: The Upgrades. With a console, it’s only as good as when you buy it which is why we see Xbox S and X rather than just the standard One. With a PC you can take a bit off of it and shove a better one in (assuming you have the knowhow). Graphics, speed, performance and ability can all be changed by messing with the parts of a PC giving you room for the future to be embraced.

Finally: The game catalogue. While consoles are just starting to put more focus on back compatibility and exclusive games the PCs don’t have to. It’s a matter of technology and marketplace but you can find games that go back years like the original Fallout or modern games like Microsoft’s new flight simulator on a PC because PC games are forever, not just a generation. Steam, Epic, EA, Microsoft and more have digital game stores on PC. The VR on PC is much more advanced and more utilised by developers than the console counterpart. PC is the past, present and future all in one as it holds old games but can develop to play new games whereas consoles are limited to a period of time. There is so much more on PC.

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