Shadow Warrior 2 – Good

A first person shooter similar to Doom. Using a variety of weapons take on a growing number of demons, Yakuza and robots in a quest to save the body of a girl whose soul is in your body. It sounds strange but it’s pretty fun.

Using both melee weapons and guns the game will start off slow and to be honest I nearly gave up out of boredom in the first few hours, but when it starts picking up and you gain more abilities and weapons it becomes the frantic, fast paced combat game I was hoping for when I downloaded it. Swords, claws, axes, pistols, machine guns, shotguns and explosive launchers all enter your arsenal by the end of the game giving enough ways to kill thinks to keep it fun throughout.

A weapon upgrade system has been implemented into the game which adds elemental damage and effects as well as increasing fire rate or damage, this would be pointless except for the fact that enemies now have resistances with superior and elite ranks to challenge the player. This new system adds extra depth and customisation options to the game which is generally a good thing but personally I like these games for the weapons and killing so the customisation seemed like unnecessary faffing in what could have been simple, fun chaos.

Lo Wang is back. The assassin ninja person that the player uses as their character is cracking bad jokes and annoying all the NPCs once again which is a big part of what gives this game its identity and charm. Having Lo sing and quote or reference movies and pop culture just adds to the game in a way that not many games dare to let their protagonist do. The dialogue is quite frequent too as Lo talks to himself and has regular conversations with the girl inside him who clashes with his personality.

Overall, this is a decent and fun game but that’s if you can get past the first third. Once you understand how the customisation works and have collected a few weapons and the rage ability there is a lot of fun to be had but judging from how rare most of the story based achievements are most people don’t make it past the early, more boring parts of the game. Once you get further in this game is great and I can recommend it but the bad start does ruin it a bit.

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