Rage Quitters

I recently used the PvP function of Yugioh Duel Links and my first opponent quit because they were losing.

This is the end of the duel log from my first game, where they quit. I’m blue.

I had found a card in the game that didn’t seem to be very helpful, yet it was rare in the game. I thought that PvP casual duels would be the perfect place to test my newly built deck which was pretty weak by my reckoning. I needed opponents with a variety of strengths and the online world throws up a few different things.

I was playing the game for fun because I like Yugioh and that’s enough for me to stick to it until the end of a game. There are plenty of cards I don’t recognise and I find it interesting to see what my opponents strategy is. It really annoys me when I’m part way through a game and my opponent quits or surrenders as it is in Yugioh.

The gaming industry is plagued with people who don’t play for the spirit of the game and Card Games, Fighting Games and Shooters are some of the worst for rage quitters who try to ruin everyone else’s fun because they aren’t winning.

In real life if you become so obsessed with winning something that you don’t enjoy it otherwise then you should stop doing it in the first place. It clearly isn’t for you. I think many people would be happier if they just gave up when they didn’t get satisfaction from an activity rather than only trying to win.

Video Games are a reflection of the real world and spoil-sport people are rage quitters, those who throw tantrums when things don’t go their way and they make it worse for everyone.

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