Quick (VR) Game Reviews – Accounting +, A Fisherman’s Tale

Accounting + – Great – Accounting + is one of the strangest games I’ve ever played. As a VR game with a first person viewpoint this game is all about exploration and has a story about consequences. At first you’ll be hesitantly finding your way forward, trying to see everything you can and even being angrily screamed at by the game’s characters before you get lost in the chaos and destruction that this game has to offer. It’s a fairly short experience but it’s what a VR game should be, it’s not trying to be real but is instead trying to immerse you in something stupid and fun just for the giggles and it’s one of the games that makes VR feel worth it.

A Fisherman’s Tale – Great – A Fisherman’s Tale is a first person puzzle game where size and perspective are the systems you play with. A fisherman in a lighthouse who likes making scale models suddenly finds that his reality has been swapped for that of the model and you work as the fisherman to resolve problems in your living space with the aid of two other versions of the fisherman who are both still your player character, passing little and large objects around until you can climb to an unreachable spot or get a key from a shell. The puzzles aren’t too difficult but can twist your brain on occasion like when you’re trying to think of both real and reflected directions at the same time. An overarching plot about self acceptance also makes it an emotionally sweet tale for those that like that sort of thing. A great game for VR but another short one and this is let down a little by requiring accuracy that the PS Move controllers can’t always handle.

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