Jam Tomorrow

Jam tomorrow is better than jam today as I learned from Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather. The idea being that if someone tells you that something good is coming then it will give you hope and make you happy but if you’re given that good thing then you’ll just use it and get much briefer joy so with jam you’ll just sit and eat it.

I had a good day today and it was largely because I was looking forward to watching the South Park pandemic special which late in the day I learned wasn’t being broadcast on British TV which then left me disappointed. I was expecting South Park which gave me hope and happiness, I could see the jam tomorrow so I felt good for most of the day. I don’t know when I’ll get to see the show but for one day it was my promise of jam and the thought of it kept me happy.

The point here is that you should be happy with what you’ve got but its always worth finding something to look forward to because between the two you can find a sort of happy medium in which you want jam tomorrow but may find that you have a different sort of jam today.

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