Simple Foods

I like cooking. I find the experience relaxing, especially when I’ve got a good bit of music playing and know that I can’t do too much wrong. That’s why I don’t like recipe books, there’s so much stress in shopping for the ingredients then trying to get everything right when all you have to know how the finished product should be is a picture. Instead I like simple foods.

Today I made a spinach and cheese omelette. It had four ingredients (spinach, cheese, black pepper and eggs). I’d have read a guide or been shown how to make an omelette at some point in the past but it was good, healthy and simple to do.

I have no idea what most herbs are for and the most complex meal I make is a chilli but I don’t really care because I enjoy what I do know and can do. Don’t worry too much about the meal, worry more about how fun it is to make then it’s easier to look forward to food.

I was inspired to write this by a woman at work who said she wasn’t comfortable cooking and I really think everyone should find some level of enjoyment in it. I got bored of food but I look forward to meals more after I’ve made them.

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