Carbs Aren’t Bad

I recently tried to change my diet to improve my physical health a bit, this meant cutting out pies, pizzas, potatoes and reducing the amount of bread I eat as well as switching to brown bread and eating more veg.

Obviously this meant that when I had a meal such as fish and chips there was something major missing, I substituted the chips for rice and veg on separate occasions and discovered that some veg could really taste nice and different.

I used to have pizza for breakfast quite often because I get up early enough to stick one in the oven in a morning, I exchanged that for cereal bars and actual cereal or poached egg on toast.

The thing is that these supposedly unhealthy foods I was eating are carbohydrates which help supply energy to the body through the day, they’re also filling. I started to feel drained constantly on my new diet and that was because I wasn’t getting my required energy anymore and I was snacking more on biscuits and chocolate because I didn’t feel full.

People have always told me that less pizza and more veg would make me feel better in myself but I felt terrible after a few days. There were good things about the diet like the fact that pastry and potatoes give me stomach problems but it seems like bread an pizza are an important part of my lifestyle.

So I’ll conclude that the carbs that people say are bad really aren’t, I should start substituting some chips for some veg but I should in no way cut out anything because I lost some of the balance from my diet. Maybe this fat lad just needs more exercise.

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