I’m not superman,

Yet I do all I can,

Just a man made of muscle and blood,

Not a golem made out of mud,

I toil hard and get so tired,

My pushing should be admired,

But there’s just higher expectations,

They fill me with irritation,

I feel like I’m caught in a net,

Because Somehow they forget,

That I’m not superman,

I just do what I can.

Or maybe I am superman,

They expect because they know I can,

I will come and save the day,

A hero in a different way,

It’s possible that I have the power,

To go on for one more hour,

Frost breath and lasers are unreal,

But I could be a man of steel,

More refined and better than mud,

The world knows that I do good,

I am superman,

And I do what I can.

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