From 20 to 21

What a terrible year,

Ending with one more tier,

It started with fire and flood,

The tone that set was no good,

Then lockdown in the UK,

We await a better day,

So now this tragedy is done,

It’s onto twenty twenty-one,

No hope for the new year,

As the media spreads more fear,

Look to later on,

When Covid is finally gone,

With mental health mashed,

And the economy smashed,

To a brighter Britain,

As the future is not written,

With Brexit we can be remade,

Or continue to see glory fade,

For tonight we will sing,

Wish on what tomorrow will bring,

Auld Lang Syne means more today,

To old times or hell to pay,

Now we all shall drink and cheer,

And see in a crappy new year.

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