The BLPCC on Toast

New Year’s Day is special in my house, probably as special as Christmas. The only difference between the two is gift giving.

The major thing that makes Christmas different to New Year’s is what meat we eat. Christmas is for Pork and Chicken while New Year’s is for Beef in my house, sometimes we swap which meat is eaten when but over the period all three are consumed.

For after our large meal with all the trimmings we probably won’t get hungry again the same day but we keep salad in just in case.

This morning I woke up and made some toast, I then started taking stuff out of the fridge to put on it. I started with butter (vegetable spread because proper butter is too expensive), then used leftover beef, I took a few slices of cucumber, opened a pre-made salad pack and got some lettuce and red peppers and placed some cheddar cheese slices on top. Thus the BLPCC on toast was made.

The best bit of making too much food is having something spare that you can make a tasty creation with later. Leftovers are great.

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