The Puppet

There was a puppet,

That danced on his string,

He was the Prime Minister,

We saw him as king,

Oh Boris, Oh Boris,

What have you done,

To hammer that nail,

You’ve smashed in your thumb,

You claim to fight,

This scourge on our land,

Too many times now,

You’ve played the same hand,

Down with Hancock,

The master insane,

He repeats his actions,

Hopes results aren’t the same,

We welcomed the Tories,

We saw a bright light,

A new era for the people,

Was the promise of their fight,

We’ve all been betrayed now,

Some lost their homes,

While others are jobless,

Sitting pointless like gnomes,

We will not recover,

If this can go on,

The country will crumble,

All our futures are gone.

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