The other night my close family sat around a table with a new set of Uno cards and spent two hours emptying our hands for a bit of fun.

The classic game relies on matching colours and numbers which is made more interesting by miss-a-turn, pick-up and direction reverse cards.

There’re three scoring systems that can be used: The first player to empty their hand wins, no scoring, just winning; the first player to empty their hand wins and scores points based on what other players have in their hands, the first to five hundred points wins; or scoring each player based on what’s left in the individual players hand where whoever has the lowest score wins after five hundred points is reached by one player.

Uno is a strange and hilarious game where the rules can be morphed to suit the group based on what’s deemed as fair. It’s rare to find a game that’s so flexible to play.

My family haven’t laughed so much together for a long time so I can definitely recommend grabbing a deck for a game night, the actual rules come with the set.

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