The Ezio Collection – Great

Assassins Creed 2 – Great – The original third person parkour game where swords and hidden blades brought Altair and his rise to be a true assassin. This game brought Ezio, from birth to being a well rounded young man who hunts for the men that killed his family. Based in Renaissance Italy, famous historical families are key to what could be a generic revenge plot but is instead an exciting chase after a Spaniard who is almost untouchable. The combat system isn’t the best – relying mostly on counter attacks – but there is a good variety of weapons. The city is good and believable, filled with pointless NPCs going about their lives. There are feathers to collect and a special set of dungeons to complete for the best armour in the game. This game was the start of a run of Assassins Creed being some of the most notable games around.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Great – The sequel to Assassins Creed 2 – once again starring Ezio – feels more like a giant DLC than its own game. The chase for the Spaniard and his family continues with the Borgia family being a huge focus of the story. The addition of assassin assistants change the dynamic of the stealth as Ezio no longer has to rely purely on his own tools, his tools which are expanded upon from the previous game, instead an AI controlled helper can take out potential troublemakers. This game has challenges for most missions which will award percentage completion and in game cheats, both the challenges and cheats add to the replayability of the game so increasing the time for money value, another way to view it is annoying challenges that are failed through no fault of your own sometimes which can become very frustrating. There is once again a set of dungeons that lead to the best armour, there’re feathers and flags to collect and special side missions based on Da Vinci’s inventions that have their own controls. It is a great game and well worth playing through if you liked the previous game.

Assassins Creed Revelations – Good – As an old man with his Borgia adventures completed Ezio follows in Altair’s footsteps until he arrives at a vault, a vault sealed with keys hidden in Constantinople which is the setting for this game. With new tools at his disposal including a hook blade that aids in his climbing and his new assassin recruits Ezio has to rebuild the assassin strength in the area and locate the keys. The keys are magical in their nature and allow Altair’s memories to be shared with Ezio meaning the player gets to see the conclusion of two characters stories. The gameplay is pretty much the same as ever with a few more dynamic set pieces put in. The challenge dungeons are now a part of the story so no longer award armour, there are glowing animus fragments to collect and a new tower defence mini game which is totally optional is a nice change of pace. I only call this one good instead of great because the dynamic bits weren’t always fun which is the whole point of a game and I was a little bored of the gameplay by the end plus the mission challenges from Brotherhood were still there and were getting annoying.

All three games followed the present day story of Desmond Miles who has an interesting story that begins and ends in games that aren’t a part of this collection.

All DLCs are a part of this collection too.

Overall, The Ezio Collection is a display of Assassins Creed at its best. A memorable protagonist, an overarching plot through two games and a great conclusion in the third. These are still some of the best games ever and are all in one set.

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