Bland Curry

I’ve just eaten an almost flavourless chicken curry made with a Pataks Tikka Masala sauce jar. It looked like curry, sporting an orange-brown colour. It smelled like curry while cooking. I made sure to empty water from my pan from the chicken before adding the sauce so it wasn’t diluted yet the flavour of the thing was really disappointing. I think I enjoyed the microwave rice that I had with it more.

I don’t usually write about food products from the supermarket as they’re for easy cooking but when I decided to have a curry for my tea (dinner/evening meal) I was wanting a flavourful punch to my pallet, real taste and enough spice to make my nose run. Sadly I got a huge disappointment and this further motivates me to not trust premade food and food kits.

Life is built to be full of expectations and the word curry for me gives the expectation of powerful flavour. Expectations ruins relationships and though my relationship with curry hasn’t been harmed, my relationship with supermarket sauces like Pataks certainly has. I’ll have to find a good recipe and stop convenience cooking because of a bland curry.

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