I Watched: Sponge Out Of Water

The second Spongebob Squarepants movie is called Sponge Out Of Water and it was nothing near as good as the first Spongebob Movie.

This film was all about how the secret Krabby Patty formula has vanished, for once it’s not Plankton (The antagonist of the series) who has it. Instead it’s a human pirate that starts out reading about what’s happening in Bikini Bottom (Spongebob’s hometown), he then completed the story by writing in his own end to the book which he uses as a get rich quick scheme for selling his own burgers. There’s lots of talk about teamwork, time travel, angry mobs and a dolphin that controls the planets which gives the movie a lot of the strangeness that the Spongebob series is known for but it doesn’t work for a movie. This ended up feeling more like a bad episode of the series than the greatness of the first Spongebob movie.

The title Sponge Out Of Water is pretty inaccurate too as marketing stuff made Spongebob and friends look like superheroes putting a new spin on the show but the out of water bit isn’t a very impressive or impactful part of the movie and the superhero stuff is just for a fight that is more wacky than impressive.

The first Spongebob movie was an impactful experience of two boys becoming men, then realising that it’s actually great to be a kid. The first movie had a dramatic near death scene, an angry king and a truly evil plot plus it made you want to rock. Sponge Out Of Water isn’t dramatic or impressive, it doesn’t have massive stakes other than what we get in the series and it doesn’t feel special as an adventure; it isn’t even that funny. Sponge Out Of Water is an alright kids film but it hasn’t touched my heart like the first movie did.

If anyone’s wondering, I watched Spongebob growing up. There’s only a few days between my birthday and the first showing of Spongebob so I literally grew up with him. I’ll try watch any movies of his that I can

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