Ludo is a board game where four counters have to be freed from a box, journey around the board to make it to the home area,

The game itself is quite boring most of the time with everyone rolling dice and not having much involvement other than moving the pieces. I suppose there’s some element of strategy based on which piece you move but overall it’s a fairly slow and thoughtless game.

The slowness mostly stems from the “roll a six to start” rule. The six will allow you to move a counter out of your box and onto the first square of its journey. This slows down the game because if you never roll a six then you’re basically just watching other people play which in Ludo’s case is incredibly dull. It only gains any excitement when one player lands on the same square as another’s sending it back to the box where it started.

What is interesting about Ludo is the fact that it’s based on a Roman gladiator school. The counters are slaves, the trip around the board is your slave fighting in competitions, the same square wipeout is an injury in battle and the home square is literally home, a return after a hard but glorious life. Of course a Ludus, Ludo or Ludi from Ancient Rome is only one brutal interpretation of the game, historically Ludo the board game was allegedly stolen from the Indian game Pachisi which from pictures looks quite similar.

4 thoughts on “Ludo

    1. I’ve done a little research and it seems there are a few similar games to Ludo, each with slight differences in the rules. Ludo is the main English version but there are others and the original idea is most likely from an ancient Indian game.

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      1. Sharing of knowledge and culture in Ancient time was so intense. You can see a lot changes in chess game itself. initially it was played between 4 people and now it played between 2. The Bull fighting game, it is famous in Tamil by the name Jallikattu.
        So yeah same game with little changes/ addons by the locals to make it more interesting.
        I don’t remember, but I watched a whole documentary on the history of games.
        BTW thank you for sharing this information

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      2. It’s always good to look into these sort of things, it shows that people aren’t that different to one another. It’s a shame that old versions of games fade away. Thanks for putting in the time to read and comment.

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