Problem 1 – Jesus He Knows Me

So, it’s fair to say that there is some sense in religion. I’ve already posted about prayer and how the stories can be useful but I think every now and then I should throw in a post about why I’m not religious.

Jesus he knows me is a song by Phil Collins’ Genesis. The song is making fun of a style of religious salesmanship using the idea that the more money you give to the person selling the idea then the closer you’ll be to God “get on your knees and start paying”.

The Christian church has always been a profit machine, or at least it was while the church still had real power and influence. At one point the Pope was in control of Europe, dying lords would leave land to the church and money would pour into the Vatican. At that point in history the church used the idea of God as a weapon, there was little spiritual religion being practiced. It’s the same attitude as in the Genesis song.

I bring this up first as a reason for not being religious because of the Proclaimers UK video that I watched. It didn’t take them long to start talking about standing orders and how you wouldn’t have to think when the money would just go. I understand that it probably was for an actual cause rather than personal gain but the churches controlling history is a stain on its reputation. If I’m going to give I’ll do it on my own terms.

The church these days has less worldly power, so the focus does go back to actual religion which I respect but when they ask for money it sours my view of them.

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